Quality Assurance System
The focus of our company mission is to establish and implement internationally accepted quality assurance system. We are
proud to announce that we now practice KANBAN quality assurance. KANBAN requires strict quality control procedures,which
include frequent visual checks for even the slightest defects in our products. This quality control system is designed to respond
exactly to the needs and requirements of our customers, who can now have added confidence in our guarantee to
produce only high quality precision products every time.

Quality assurance system and evaluation.

SRK-ER implements strict quality control including visual checks so not to overlook even insignificant defects. Also SRK-ER evaluates all products using inspection equipment using the latest technology. Main inspection equipment in SRK-ER is as follows.

  • - Universal Tester
  • - Dynamic Tester
  • - Microscope
  • - Vibration Tester
  • - C.M.M
  • - Curelastometer
  • - Hardness Tester
  • - Noise Tester
  • - Load Test machine
  • - Static Spring Torque Tester
  • - Hydro Statics Tester
  • - Leak Test Machine

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