Our Products
We are committed to manufacturing international standard, high quality anti-vibration rubber components and
other products for the automotive industry. Through careful planning, technology, and innovation, we continue. To supply
our customers with superior products while building an industry wide reputation for quality and reliability. The challenge for
us is to maintain our high standards, and improve upon them where ever whenever possible.

Sumitomo Riko has three main product groups :

    1. Anti-Vibration Rubber Parts (AV)
    2. Sound Proof Parts (SP)
    3. Plastic Hose Parts (PH)

Our Process
For the manufacture of high quality anti-vibration rubber parts, SRK-ER takes into account careful planning and design concepts while paying great attention to intricate and strict quality control checks at each stage of the production process. The company is equipped with advanced computer controlled production machinery and employs high quality engineers and staff to ensure individual customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance System

The focus of our company mission is to establish and implement internationally accepted quality assurance system. We are proud to announce that we now practice KANBAN quality assurance.KANBAN requires strict quality control procedures,which include frequent visual checks for even the slightest defects in our products. This quality control system is designed to respond exactly to the needs and requirements of our customers, who can now have added confidence in our guarantee to produce only high quality precision products every time.


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