Quality Policy    
Projection of the production and the delivery of the highest quality products by all members on the concept of "Customer First" using the QC tools and obeying to the rules, to subsequently gain high reliance from customer.

Environment Policy
All employees and all person working for or on behalf of the organization recognize the environmental preservation and effective resource use for pollution prevention where by strictly with conform with environmental procedure then continual progress it.

Occupational health and safety Policy
SumiRiko Eastern Rubber (Thailand) Ltd. is a manufacturer and a dealer of the anti-vibration rubber and plastic parts, including other automotive parts in view of the occupational health and safety management system being one part of the business by the continual improvement stressing in order to the company objective achievement with the operational approach as the following;

1. Defining of objectives and targets to improve and prevent the risks from machine , tool, fire, chemical, and hazard including ill health for control of moderate level and Hight Level of risk in organization and communicating to all ,employees, stake holders for implementation.

2. Evaluate , Monitor and implement to comply with current applicable OH&S legislation and with other requirements to the organization and customer requirement.

3. Educating and training employees to make understanding and awareness for all employees implementation.

4. Encouraging the adequate and appropriate resource for the occupational health and safety management system as the budget , human resources . training , time include other concern.

5. Mornitor , Illness and sickness from working protection with will hygiene health support including be always hygiene and safety workplace.

6. Review periodically the occupational health and safety policy to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the organization , and recommend from management to maintain the occupational health and safety management system of company and continuons improvement.

7. Document the policy and deploy through all employees for continuing be available to all employees and interested parties give the comments and suggestion about implementation and be able to disclose for the public.

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